Monday, April 9, 2012

Pavilion KL Tokyo Street Japanese Buffet Dinner at Suki-Ya

The wife said that she wants to get out of the house and go shopping and dinner with the kid Sunday night.

We left the house and reach Pavilion around 6.00 pm. There was little trouble looking for parking space as I reckon most people have left the mall looking for dinner.

We headed to the famous Tokyo Street at Pavilion after she did her rounds at the cosmetics department.

This is the big banner that says what place is this.

If you like cake from this shop, but before dinner time as we passed by after dinner and it all sold out by around 9 pm.  

More Japanese shops. 

Surprisingly a queue selling desserts.

This is the restaurant to consume the buffet dinner.
We were asked to order 2 types of soup out of the 4 options. From Sukiyaki, Shabu-shabu, Kimchi and Miso, we selected the latter 2. This was how we were served. The meat with choices of beef, lamb and chicken was free flow but customers would need to order from the waitress. Other free flow foods i.e. vegetables, fish balls, some not so well made sushi was available at the food bar.

The wife and I agreed the soup we ordered was not the best choices.

The bill came up to be just slightly below RM 100 for 2 person. Service was just alright. The downside of eating steamboat is that you smell like your food after dinner.

After dinner the wife and I decided to check out the landscaping outside the mall as they usually do some very nice decorations.

A nice colorful water fountain.

All the top notch fashion brands can be found here.

Check out the panorama mode on the Samsung Galaxy S2 camera.

All pictures are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S 2 phone.

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