Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hua Hin Cicada Market

This was probably the better night markets around. When I was there back in February 2018, the market only opens in the weekends. The market is more up market, like you don't see them serving wine and performing live theaters like those others. It is also differently laid out as it is not on a road, and tastefully decorated. 

In terms of food and things they sell, it does look cleaner and better presented. 

Check out the beer counter serving fresh draught beer 

Khao Kha Moo - braised pork leg 

Omelette - everything looks good here  


Spinning grill tilapias covered in salt

If you fancy a drawn portrait. The artist completed one drawing in like 15 mins. 

Some more art pieces. 

Friday, February 9, 2018

Dec 2016 - KL to Boten - Golden Triangle - Mae Hong Son 1,864 Corners - Day 5

Wednesday - Total distance 578 km
Chiang Rai - Chiang Mai via Route 118, to Pai & Mae Hong Son via 1095/108, to Mae Sariang via 108

The morning we wake up from Meesuk Residence we headed south to Chiang Mai. The cold December morning ride was of low visibility and the temperature was about 16 degrees. Steven was cold and put on his rain coat.

We stopped by at a noodle shop and had our breakfast. After that we headed our way towards Chiang Mai.

The plan for the day was got Steven to get this 1,864 certificate at Mae Hong Son and to get to Mae Sariang on the same day. Another challenging day with about 12 hours riding as we are to board a train to Bangkok the next day from Chiang Mai in the afternoon.

The ride down to Chiang Mai was cooling with the December weather and we left the highway and head to the mountains at about noon. I have ridden Mae Hong Son from Chinag Mai several times and I was excited about riding these roads again.

The Boten potholes at Boten are no joke. The Versys was touch enough to handle the terrain.

 The bike was looking dirty. How an ADV bike should look like anyway.

RIP bugs.

I do not take pictures / selfies with the long neck tribe, tigers or elephant in Thailand. I find it is distasteful and degrading for long neck ladies as if they are some inhumane object. I wouldn't want to take a picture with a heavily drugged tiger as well.

But a chubby local trader by the road side, I will say yes!

That was Steven arriving at the office where they print the certificate. There are few places that does this printing. By Nov 2017, there are at least 2 offices that print the certificate with several designs.

Visited this old friend at Khun Yuam.

Finally we arrive Mae Sariang at about 8 pm local time and checked in to Riverbank Guest house. We took a room each at the rate of 1000b due to most hotels were full that night.

Another good Thai dinner at Coriander Redwood restaurant.

It was another good day riding. We look forward to the train ride the next day at Chiang Mai.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Dec 2016 - KL to Boten - Golden Triangle - Mae Hong Son 1,864 Corners - Day 4

Tuesday - Total distance 572 km 
Chiang Khong (KM0 / 1020) - Chiang Khong Immigration (1356) - Luang Namtha (3) - Boten (13) - Huay Xai - Chiang Rai 1020 / 1174 / 1152

The morning we had our breakfast at the hotel we went ahead to the border. The border was quiet, there was no crowd, no queue. Only a tour bus and they were leaving when we got there. At the Thai border, we were asked to submit our papers which includes the TM2 document, copy of our passport, driver's license and also our "green card" or proof of ownership of our bikes.  

 Once that was done, we were asked to pay the standard 500 baht for the police "escort" which I find it was just another way for them to make a quick buck from us.   



Once we arrive at the Lao border, more baht was asked for the customs officer to fill up forms and process our documents. It took more than hour for us to cross a border that has no queue and we paid about 300 baht to get our passport stamped. 

After a frustrating morning of waiting and paying unnecessarily to these so called customs officers we finally made it over to Huay Xai. It was the first experience for me to ride on the right side of the road. 

First pub I see at Lao. We borrowed the use of its toilet. The establishment was out of electricity at the time. 

A familiar sight from its Thai counterpart.  

Steven was being reliable here. He has been patience until today he broke out to me and ask for breaks between refueling.

Lots of these black piggies running around.

Hours later we arrive at Pangsai.

The cars / pick ups here drive so fast that I find it difficult to keep up with them.

There are no highway rest stop. Steven said he saw a lady stopped her car and defecate by the road side with 2 doors open.

Some kids at Lao were very shy, but some were welcoming.

You see kids walking by the shoulder of the road.

The villagers look like they were preparing dinner by the road.

Just minites before we arrive at the China border, we had a toilet break.

The lady was in traditional costume and she has a very shy daughter. The lady could speak fluent Mandarin here.

We finally arrived at our destination. Over that golden arch is China.

This guys has been keeping up with me all the way from KL. Finally he earned his bragging rights.

I am not a fan of stickers but looks like many thinks otherwise. Route 13 to China.

This mile marker is where most 2 week traveler would like to stop by for pictures as a sign of achievement. Maybe because it says "China".

On the way back to the border, upon request by Steven to stop by this stall by the road side. Nearby Pangsai.
This young man who was in his school uniform seemingly took interest in our bikes. I used body language to explain to him what's the difference between a parallel twin and an in line four engine. Notably the young man likes the sound of the latter. I gave this new friend of mine an emblem of a Malaysian flag which I pin in on my jacket, something to remember me by. Hopefully I visit Pangsai again and he would still recognize me.
He even showed me his english text book after I asked him whether he learn the language.

The same pub we passed by in the morning. I just gotta stop to have a Beerlao. 

It took us another few hours to get to Chiang Rai after that. It was a long riding day indeed and I look forward to our next destination, Mae Hong Son. I had regretted that I did not plan enough time for Lao. This country fascinates me with its history and its people really compelled me to visit them again. Perhaps soon enough I may bring my Versys girl up here again if she is up for it.