Thursday, March 22, 2012

Secrets of Fishing at Kolam Warga Emas, Seksyen 24 Shah Alam

Kin Loon has been complaining to me that he have been frequenting a pay pond in Shah Alam but so far without much luck.

With my rod hanging dry at home for several weeks without seeing any action, I decided to check out the place with him.

The location to this place was quite accessible, only minutes after exiting federal highway.
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The operator charges RM 31 for a 3 hours session and the rules of fishing here is as follows,
1. Have to use a looped sinker, floats are not allowed.
2. Fishes has to be hooked at the mouth, otherwise it will not be paid / listed in the jackpot.
3. You cannot touch the fish that are more than 4 kgs, but you are however, allowed to bring back those that are smaller than 4kgs. When in doubt, bring the fish to the counter.
I think there are other unwritten laws which I did not checked out with the operator at the counter i.e. no casting of lures, using messy baits like intestines etc but they are generally friendly and even allow you to fish over time if you did not see any action at all.

This place doubles as a malay tom yum restaurant at night. It is more quiet during the day and personally, I would prefer going to this spot during the day to avoid some karaoke singing from the restaurant.

This is how the place look like.

Kin Loon and I have been there several times and these are the fish that we caught so far, after figuring out how to rig and bait to see some action.

This was my first catch at the place at my second visit. Local name is Rohu, or better known as Indian Carp. I sold it to a fish buyer at RM 3 per kg.

This was my second catch which was a whopping 11 kg white lady carp or locally known as Tong San fish. It didn't really put up a real fight as it was a slow and heavy fish, but it did stayed under the water for quite some time.
This is the White Lady Carp close up.  

My next visit was more interesting when I landed a 6 kg cat fish, local name Patin or the more glamorous  name Iridescent shark. This catch was far more interesting than the bigger Tong San when it pulled my line like a erm.. shark? lol well... I don't think I will get much chances getting an actual shark on my hook in Malaysian waters, so.... this is as good as it gets.  

Kin Loon showing some smiles finally.

Finally, let me share my secrets of catching some fish here. The secret of fishing here got all things to do with the rig.

Floats are not allowed, hence, anglers must use a sinker. I advise to use bomb rig, you may bait with bran (dedak) that you buy from the counter, or personally I prefer to use pallets, also available at the counter. Mix with water then they will become soft and ready to be bait.

Use a swivel to clip the bomb together with the sinker (a small one around 100 g will do), and then use a dropper knot as a leader at this swivel as well. then use 2 hooks at the ends of the knot, with a length of 2-3 feet each.

Use floating baits at the end of both hooks like the corn crumb that they sell at the counter as well. This way, the bomb will sink to the bottom together with the sinker, but the hooks will float. As the bomb breaks, which will call the fish to come to feed at top water and you shall hope the fish take the bait on your hook in mid water.

Happy fishing and good luck.

All pics are taken with my Samsung Galaxy S II.


  1. the dedak that u buy from the counter did you mix it with any secret ingredients? or just use as it is?

  2. Its better to use the pallets which you can purchase over the counter. Normally only the Mekong cat will respond to Dedak.

  3. hi. may i ask. wads the suitable brand and size hook for this pond? tq :D